Editor in Chief

Co-founder and photographer of The Kumo Collective, Katarina aspires to promote the beauty of international culture across borders. Recently graduated from McGill University, where she was lucky to work as the photography editor for the local newspaper, Le Délit, she was offered an exeptional introduction to the power of words and journalism. Always looking for an intellectual stimilus, creating a cultural magazine such as The Kumoite simply seemed like the right move to crown the inspiring project that the Kumo collective is.

Editor in Chief

Editor in chief and writer for the Kumo Collective and more specifically The Kumoite, Axelle started writing as a key to unlock her emotions before realising that her words could be a tool to give voice to people who don’t have a voice themselves. Currently finishing her studies at the University of Exeter, she is slowly but surely starting her dream career as a journalsit by writing for Exepose (Exeter University’s Newspaper). Pursuing her desire to discover the world and bring its people together, joining the Kumoite embodies both creativeness and connectedness Axelle aspires to advocate.


Aku studied English & History at university and as a result, he has spent a lot of time between the pages of books, reading anything from politics to comic books. Aku spent most of his life in England and has always been interested in fashion and the myriad outlets of pop culture. So, now in Japan, he spends most of his time lost in all the unique forms of artistic expression he can find.

Eleonore d'Espinose
Contributing Author​

Eleonore is a French and American student passionate about finding new ways to express herself and archive her life. Finishing her studies in Cultural Studies she started writing to try and make sense of the world. Quickly she realized most of her work was focused on collecting memories of adventures and friends through film, photography, poetry, collages and any new medium she can put her hands on.

Sofia Perkins
Contributing Author​ and Visual Artist

Sofia is an environmental science student who splits their time between Washington DC and Tokyo. 

She writes to understand what she does.   

Emilia Sandoghdar
Contributing Author​ and Visual Artist

With her Bachelor in Geography, Emilia hoped to understand the world better, but found herself more confused. She has found great freedom in expressing herself through multi-media approaches and embraces the craziness of life through writing, conceptual thinking, and collage making. Through the struggle of not finding a category suitable to her, she has embraced the whirlwind of contradictions that is life!

Frederic Leblanc
Contributing Author​ and Photographer

Canadian-based photographer, Frederic Leblanc is seeking poetry through life going by the nature, the cities and human being. We can describe his work as a romantic melancholia and soulful quest.

Celia Saada
Contributing Author

Celia is currently in Montreal and in her last semester at McGill. She loves creative writing and journalism. She wanted to write for KUMO because one of the best parts of her experience in Montreal has been seeing the people she loves become confident and excited about their art. Being surrounded by flourishing minds that let themselves embrace their creativity and expressions has truly been an honor for her. She is very proud to have had the chance to see them become more and more confident and passionate about their art. To her beloved artists: Be proud of your journey and art. Thanks for sharing it all with us and for all the memories you’ve created on your way.

Hans Klein
Contributing Author and Photographer

Hans has lived most of his life in the Pacific Northwest United States.

He’s currently in Tokyo where he writes, takes pictures, and rides his skateboard as much as he possibly can.

He thinks life is really weird and beautiful, and tries to make sense of that in his work.

Laetitia Sweeney
Contributing Author

Laetitia is a French and Australian student who has lived in France, Indonesia, Australia and is currently living in Montreal. 

She loves learning about pretty much anything, reading, dancing, music and dogs. She is happy to write for KUMO, it is a fun way for her to share her findings with a bunch of creative Kumoïtes.

Zoé Roth-Ogier
Contributing Author

Zoé is a young franco-german writter who grew up in Latin America. The topic of home and friendships have continuously inspired her writing. She is grateful for Montreal’s art scene and to its people for their warmth. @easyzoro

Maëlle Vigouroux
Contributing Illustrator

Maëlle is a French artist from Bordeaux. She moved to Montreal in 2017 for her studies and that’s where she discovered her painting style, a very colorful and geometrical one that is inspired by women, in all their forms.

KUMO Artist
Parker Le Bras-Brown
KUMO Artist
KUMO Founder

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