The Collective Project


What does Kumo stand for? 

Kumo in Japanese stands for “cloud”. A cloud that floats in the sky, who sways through the world, embracing the elements and all the atmosphere around them.

Art is the key to letting Kumoïtes fully express their views and ambitions by transcribing them in a way that represents the individual’s personality, whilst giving them the opportunity to experience different vibes, cultures & genres from all over the globe. Uniting the multiple scenes from this ever growing industry of modern art is what KUMO is about: “One cloud, floating in the midst of many,  bringing new winds, changing tides”.


Who is Kumo ?

Kumo is first & foremost a family. Friends developing their ideas & concepts together, building an art project whilst combining various artistic domains. A creative house working co-dependently, with behind it a pool of talent that strives to connect and fill the atmosphere with their energy, ambitions and lifestyle. Yet never forgetting that each individual is unique & built by their different experiences in life, that has led them to where they are today. Kumo represents a ray of light provided by a palette of colourful art, on top of a mass of thoughts, cultivated by aspiring artists, developing their craft with the help of one another.

What are Kumo’s objectives ?

Kumo’s objectives can be explained on different levels:

  1. Developing a network of artists who collaborate together, creating & finishing projects to their highest capacities

  2. Enabling artists to promote their art & lifestyle on a bigger platform, therefore opening up their work to new audiences.

  3. The opportunity to create & expose on a wider scale, thanks to shows & performances curated by Kumoïtes for the world to see.

  4. The creation of a hub for talented artist, pushing each other towards the door of success.

The Collective Project

Our collective project is expected to take place every 2 to 3 months. It is the embodiment of our latest work, showcasing it to the world. A mixture of art, thrown across the room, bringing life & joy to the people who believe & support our talents. During the months leading towards the performance, Kumoïtes will choose a cohesive theme to each create a unique piece, enabling them to express their world through this creative organisation. Therefore, making their vision, reality. Kumo strongly believes in every single one of its members & turning any idea into a real possibility. 


The KUMO Lifestyle: Kumoïte

Being a Kumoïte, is basically being yourself to the fullest of your capacities. We all come from different backgrounds & different worlds, but that is what has forged us & given us the opportunity to express ourselves in a creative manner. KUMO is international & so are its members. We believe that our travels in this ever connected world has given us the ability to be inspired & influenced by various cultures, while still never forgetting where we truly come from. That is a gift that every Kumoïte cherishes. Being able to break borders & modern day rules using art, whilst exposing who you truly are, that is the essence of a Kumoïte.

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