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Brussels we are finally back!
We have curated a new heated line-up with a completely different and unique location!
5 DJs – 2 visual artists – for 1 unforgettable night
Each DJ will be accompanied by customised visuals made by @inside_ego @rockymanta

Past Events
After last summer’s first-ever event as a collective, KUMO is running it back at Le Mazette. This time taking over the whole boat, to throw an unforgettable arts & cultures event to close out the Parisian summer. The Float Festival in collaboration with Le Mazette is a multidisciplinary production with an international lineup, blending live music, dj sets, exhibitions, fashion, tattoo and perfumery.
The Kumo Expo combines music, art, fashion and design to provide a unique artistic experience to showcase the best talents in Tokyo. The art fair will exhibit different creators through diverse mediums such as DJ sets, live performances, pop-ups and more to create a platform for artists and audiences to connect on.
After working together for quite some time, The KUMO Collective, Marbré and Les Vautours are excited to invite you to their first collaborative event on the most groovy day of the year. At the heart of Paris, you’ll be able to enjoy a meticulously curated exhibition, sick performances and DJ sets and various pop-ups.

Kumo is, at its’ core, a creative platform. A portal to limitless possibilities. Bloom by KUMO is our first event in Brussels. Join us at Recylart, where we will be exposing a wide range of highly acclaimed artists. Come discover new paintings, photographies, DJs, singers, tarot reading, and tattoo artists.


The Float concept is inspired by the cycle that creates clouds and the place it occupies in the universe. Similarly to the cycle and nature’s four elements, the collective fuels its creativity from various parts of the world and exists thanks to the different artistic mediums it represents.


The KUMO Collective opens its doors to the world. From the sky’s of Tokyo to the Seine of Paris, the collective takes its first steps in the performing arts, joining emerging talents from across the globe.
For our first ever event, join us at Le Mazette in Paris, to fully experience the reopening of the arts and culture.

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