Axelle Rescourio

Axelle Rescourio

Growing up in London, the enthusiast and passionate journalist, Axelle has been our upcoming writer for our collective. From her travels around the world to her gap year in Hong Kong she has embraced and immersed herself in diverse cultures rendering her writing expressive and creative. 

Her thirst for discovery has flourished throughout the years. Eager to meet new people, learn different cultures and travel the world, Axelle is a dreamer and idealist hoping to change the world for the better through her stories. 

As an editor in chief of The Kumoïte, I hope I can reunite talents from different backgrounds to fulfill their biggest dreams from the tip of their quill (or keyboard). As a platform which welcomes any creative form of expression and by welcoming writers into the world of Kumoïte, I hope I can create a sense of community where you can speak your own words. I hope to help anyone enhance their inner voice. I believe that writing is a timeless form of art. Putting down one’s own words on a piece of paper and sharing these writings are one of the easiest and most accomplishing experiences one can have. I am determined as an editor in chief and writer to help anyone in making possible the process of imagining meaningful and thorough pieces of writing or emotion, that can be shared by one and all, for all time to come. I aspire to intimately immerse our readers into our individual’s intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual growth.

Writing is the rendez-vous of experiences, languages and societies. The Kumoïte is all about this rendez-vous, bringing together writers from around the world, connected yet different, enhancing our ability to be inspired and influenced by various cultures and encounters, while still never forgetting where we truly come from. The Kumoïte is, all in all, a place of connectedness.  

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