Kumo is boldly embarking on its initial journey, aiming to stretch out to Los Angeles its distinctive mark as a vibrant hub within the entertainment and music space. The night will feature four DJ sets, each designed to showcase a unique, varied approach to the beloved house and tech genres, thereby uniting a diversity of musical styles under a single, resonant umbrella. Kumo, aspires to elevate an underground music experience that has yet to be fully explored in Los Angeles, inviting local and global rising artists to dig deep into the underground scene’s detailed world.

Making its debut, the collective not only stamps its vibrant mark on the US landscape but also embarks on a mission to meticulously curate events that promise to illuminate the electronic music world in a new and inclusively vibrant light.it’s an inclusive invitation, where new and experienced artists and fans can come together, celebrate, and explore the electric energy of electronic music, all while opening up a welcoming space in the music world.

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