The Kumo Expo Official Photos

The Kumo Expo Official Photos
The Kumo Expo combines music, art, fashion and design to provide a unique artistic experience to showcase the best talents in Tokyo. The art fair will exhibit different creators through diverse mediums such as DJ sets, live performances, pop-ups and more to create a platform for artists and audiences to connect on. The Inspiration Cult Bar & Gallery, located in one of Tokyo’s most vibrant neighbourhoods will be home to the Kumo Expo and its creative endeavours. The space strives to encourage conversations and overlaps between events and creatives. Its chiselled appearance and atmosphere allow the museum to adapt itself to the cyclical circulation of thoughts, ideas and conversations brought upon by both the artists and the audience. Panel Discussions exploring the intersection of technology and art alongside exhibitions, pop-ups, and musical performances will transform the Inspiration Cult Bar & Gallery and the Kumo Expo into an interactive artistic experience accessible for all guests and creatives to indulge in.

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