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Les quelques œuvres présentées seront des œuvres réalisée entre 2022/2023, huile et acryliques sur toile et/ou repro/digigraphies. Initialement réalisées pour mon prochain solo show, la DA porte sur la frontière du rêve et de la réalité, des captures d’instants figuratives ouvrant des portes pour l’imaginaire.
The Kumo Expo combines music, art, fashion and design to provide a unique artistic experience to showcase the best talents in Tokyo. The art fair will exhibit different creators through diverse mediums such as DJ sets, live performances, pop-ups and more to create a platform for artists and audiences to connect on.
Through these five photographs taken in different parts of Brazil, the juxtaposition of tourists and locals within different landscapes and settings highlights both the economic benefits and cultural challenges that tourism can bring to a region. Bodies & faces are staged to provoke contemplation and question ways in which visitors and locals interact and influence one another.

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