Born in Washington DC, Amy Sarr is a photographer who specializes in film photography. Passionate from a very young age, her interest grew as she began taking pictures of friends in middle school and ultimately created her first photography page. Going through different technical stages- from an Ipad to her first DSLR- she enjoyed discovering the different creative directions she could embrace with various devices.

After taking a long break from photography, she started taking photos again during her first year of university. The renewed popularity of film photos sparked her interest. “Living in Reims, there wasn’t much to do so I just took pictures of my friends and traveled to cool cities. I started with disposable cameras and spent wayyy too much money on them. I got to maybe developing 3 or 4 rolls a month, so I bought a point and shoot and ended up spamming my personal instagram a bit too much as well. After thinking about it, I decided to create @viewsin47.” She now uses this instagram photography account to share her photos. “I also really love the instagram photography community. Everyone is super supportive-from the content creators to the magazines sharing photos. There is also so much inspiration and motivation.”

Through her photos, Amy seeks to depict “moments.” “I want my photos to depict a still moment within a context, having a sort of backstory. That’s what makes analog photography so much fun! You don’t get to take that many photos, so each of them shows a unique, special moment- but I still want those stills to look like they are part of a story.”

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