Photographer, Aster LAMBERT, was born in 2000 in Leuven, Belgium. She built her passion for photography through the relationship with her father, who throughout her childhood taught her how to shoot using digital and analogue cameras. Having lived in numerous places around the world “Geneva, Brussels, N.Y.C, Washington D.C and London”, the young photographer is currently doing a master’s degree in Western Literature in Brussels. For Aster, who took a long hiatus from photography, picking up her cameras again, in 2020, was somewhat natural for her, she explains to our editors “I am extremely influenced by Surrealism! I love taking pictures that at a first glance look aesthetically pleasing, but when you have a second look you realise something is off, I find that very conceptual I guess.” 

Aster, a very energetic and joyful photographer whose art embodies well the individual. She sees taking pictures as a way to release stress, combining her creative talent with the friends around her who dedicate days in the week to art in any given form. Aster explains her recent work on film: “I want to be completely fluent in photography, understand how every bit works, try to use as many cameras as I can to be knowledgeable in it. So for those pictures, the mindset I had was, how technical can I get with a camera I just used. I find that really fun (she laughs).” The Belgium national’s latest project is challenging herself to learn everything there is to know about old cameras, all the way to knowing how to fix and clean them. This would give her the freedom to exploit the many functions of both digital and analogue cameras through her creations. 

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