Sara, 22, born in Paris, is currently a graphic design student at ESA St-Luc in Brussels. She spent all of her childhood in Paris before moving back to her country of origin, in Tokyo, Japan. At a young age her curiosity expanded to all artistic domains especially through the influence of her parents who are fashion designers. Sara evolves in a permanent creative and artistic environment. A meticulous observation, attention to detail and aesthetics explain her orientation towards the world of visual art. To study languages was her initial project, but after several deviations, she finally found her way in the graphics that for her translates into a multidisciplinary field, where she can fully express her creativity. Every thing that exists today is the result of a person who conceptualised it, but for that, graphics are essential and will always be required. Whether in fashion, scenography, photography, objects, advertising, social networks. Graphics allow it to transmit a message, an identity, an idea, all in a harmony and aesthetic unique and specific to itself, which it also expresses in the photography it exercises in its personal capacity. You can consult her artistic work on @onlyhergaze, expression of her art and photography “only and from her eyes”.

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