Interview by Aster Lambert Geeroms

United by their passion of skateboarding, XL regroups seven guys who are all based in Brussels.  Their ultimate goal is to improve their skateboarding skills while simultaneously releasing  videos. So far, they have already released their first part, which you can watch here! 

XL counts seven guys, each with their own specific niche. Firstly, next to studying Art History,  Jérôme doubles as Brussels’ up and coming jeweller who specializes in funky rings and zines.  Secondly, we have Benjamin and Rodrigue who are pursuing carpentry when they aren’t  skateboarding. Then we have Leo and Tim, who are both attending La Cambre, where the  former is finishing a degree in photography, and the latter is finishing a degree in typography.  Next, Hippolyte is completing a degree in architecture. Finally, Brian lives between Antwerp  and Brussels so that he can attend the Royal Fashion Academy while also skating with his crew  in the nation’s capital. 

What struck me the most with this team is how everyone’s individual vocation – their studies,  jobs and interest – are all reunited through skateboarding. The carpenters build modules, the  photographers film the parts, the designer creates skateable clothes, and the artists make  animations for their videos. Even the most academic types are able to include skateboarding in  their thesis’: whether it be about brutalist skateable architecture or in creating a font that looks  like modules. Besides, all levels are welcomed and included in their crew. The fact that they  skate out of passion is marker of their love and inclusivity for the sport.  

Consolidated during the first confinement, XL originated in the most Brussels way possible.  The skaters had common friends and ended up skating into each other quite often. From there on, a group chat was created in order to organise sessions. Finally, the guys decided to leave for  Rotterdam for their first skate trip and part, which is where XL was really born.  

For the (aspiring) skateboarders that currently reside in Brussels or are planning to come visit,  XL let me know that their favourite spots are Place Morichar, Trône and Skate café. Each spot  is a perfect example of the Brussels skate community where advice, beers, and more is  constantly being shared. Obviously, since it’s Brussels, all of these spots are free and open to  everybody – even those who don’t skate and just want to chill. The XL crew precises that they  have also scouted the ULB campus where they have found an abundance of little spots to skate  on as well.  

Their future projects include the aforementioned modules which Tim is creating as part of his  studies. And then, obviously, XL is set out to keep travelling, skating and filming. Their newest  part was just released which you can find here!

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