KUMOÏTE Philosophy

KUMOÏTE Philosophy

Text by Katarina Mladenovicova & Christophe Sam

“ A kumoïte is simply someone who, like a cloud carrying rain, also carries love across all borders.”

        It doesn’t take much to understand that we live in uncertain times. Not even referring to the global pandemic, our generation’s future is facing a crisis much larger than one could even grasp or fathom. A question that is so often asked is “where will you be five years from now?” But most of us have no idea what to answer to that. What am I saying? Most of us have absolutely no idea what we will be doing next month or even tomorrow. Anyways, we are the kids of a world that instead of evolving is going towards its extinction. We are the kids of social movements that are much bigger than the communities our ancestors used to belong to. We are the kids of a world that simply doesn’t make sense anymore. But the beauty of it all is that we still have each other.



       There is nothing new about using art and creative exchanges to engage with our communities. However, now more than ever, as our societies tend to value independence over cooperation and exclusivity over inclusivity, art must be used as a meeting point for the free minds. And this is where Kumo comes in. Kumo is not a collective that only aspires to share artistic creations, it is a collective that seeks to create a safe space for people like you and me: the kumoïtes. So for you to unravel better who we are, a kumoïte is someone from everywhere and nowhere at the same time. A kumoïte is someone who wants to create and collaborate with no limit. We are the ones who are not afraid of the unconventional. We are the ones who unite, not the ones who disconnect. A kumoïte is simply someone who, like a cloud carrying rain, also carries love across all borders.




       The Kumoïte Platform aspires to be a hub for all written forms of creations. The ones that call out, inspire, stimulate and unite. It is a platform that deepens the sense of an international community connected by the many kilometres that separate each and everyone one of us. As an independent collective, the articles published here will promote diversity, inclusion and respect. Our goal is to bring light to those who seek it and wish to be a part of it. Curating not for one generation but for one population that stands behind the same goal, that is the evolution of young visionaries who preach their own world and want it to be discovered and understood by others around the globe. Our job is simple, exposing the creative minds of today and uniting them together, building a united yet international artistic household where you can find your heart’s earnest desires whether it belongs to music, design, visual art or any other art form, we will do our best for you to find your home inside the Kumo Collective.

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