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Yanni is a visual artist and photographer based in Tokyo.
She works with a vintage-inspired, exotic visual style.
Through her work, she looks to express brief moments of uniquely human beauty.
“I call myself a romantic child. I live for moments of beauty.
I want to touch the human beauty that exists in the body, the skin, between the eyes and
the heart, where we have our stories and our emotions. They build each other up.
What could be more romantic and alive than the things you seek, the times, the winds
and landscapes of the past, all living in a living body?
The human soul is a mathematical problem, the solution to which lies in the curve and value of an instant.
My task is to hold the camera to find the peak of that instant.
For a long time I have been updating and exploring my ideas to find the best route. I am still in that process, and there is no doubt that I will continue to seek the balance between
visual art and human beings, which is how I and my romanticism will continue and survive.”

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