LA-based DJ, Producer, and Designer, SOIRÉ, born Branden James Macor, is quickly carving out a space in LA nightlife through not only his music, but also his role as an event producer and resident DJ at Apt200 Los Angeles which allows him to observe current trends within art as a whole.

He discovered his love for music at the early age of 7-years-old after receiving his first drum kit and has not looked back since. From his delayed percussion progressions that invoke sounds similar to Kaytranada, to his funky baselines that derive from the inspiration of Daft Punk, SOIRÉ continues to develop his own unique
sound and is projected to release his first official EP this coming Autumn.

As a DJ, his motivation is within his crowd and his main focus is primarily to metaphorically bring the life to the party. Regarding genres, he flows with his audience
between the likes of hip-hop , disco-house, London Garage, and trap with ease as he allows his listeners to
dictate and curate the vibe they desire, all while sprinkling in his distinct sound and groove.

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