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R4 is a London-based sustainable clothing brand which bridges ethics and aesthetics, creating clothes that matter.

Born in Luxembourg, brothers Angelo and Tino, both of Danish and Belgian nationalities, grew
up in the South of France. Brought up in a very environmentally-conscious family and equipped with academic knowledge on several fields related to sustainability, the close brothers have designed a brand with a mission: reinstate a lost symbiosis between people, our natural environment, and the clothes we wear. In particular, they apply their academic expertise to offer a distinct approach to an industry which desperately needs sustainability to become the norm.


Sustainability is implemented at every step of the product’s life cycle: from the materials and fabrics used in cultivation and production, to the packaging, the marketing material, and the end-of-

life journey. For R4’s first collection, the Concept Collection, presents a blend which brings us back to the roots of the textile industry: hemp and certified organic cotton. Hemp is one of the earliest plants cultivated for textile fibers, and organic cotton is a sustainable alternative to conventional cotton: both of which showcase multiple environmental benefits in comparison to conventional fabrics.

Additionally, 5% of R4’s profits are donated to an environmental non-profit association, TAF – The Animal Fund, which aims to raise awareness on the dangers facing the ocean and its marine life.

In the long-term, the brand aims to become a platform for the normalization of sustainability in the fashion industry, providing numerous wardrobe essentials developed from different sustainable fabrics.


Besides from educating on the importance of environmental sustainability in the fashion industry, R4 also bridges a gap between fashion and people. Fast-fashion is no longer just detrimental to the planet, it also impacts people’s relationships with clothes. If you know that your garment has been produced ethically and sustainably, naturally you will build a stronger relationship with your garment. R4’s garments are produced in Portugal, as the brand prioritized quality, as well as high ethical and social standards.

“We want you to feel good in what you wear, and in being sustainable.”


In aiming to re-establish lost connections, R4 also seeks to bring people closer together. As we enter an era where people are increasingly disconnected from one another, tackling human diversity challenges such as gender equality or ethnic and cultural differences (amongst many other challenges) is critical. R4 celebrates and embraces cultural and societal diversity. As such, the garments are unisex and crafted with simple and minimalistic designs, free to be worn with any style.

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