Nicolas Farade

Nicolas Farade
Nicolas Farade

Nicolas Farade is  a multidisciplinary artist, who’s work mainly explores the perception of time. It raises questions about the existence of other worlds and the nature of the universe whose provisional understanding we are only beginning to develop, close to a fragment of utopia, it exceeds the limits of our imagination.

He shares with us :

“With a primary palette, I aim to create inter-dimensional spaces, places where space-time are in motion. Curves meet lines, expand and cross, freezing in that meditative moment. During this period of quarantine, as a manifesto of my mental condition I produced a series of illustrations and paintings: Presence, representing this state of consciousness, of meditation. A Presence to oneself and to one’s environment allowing for self-observation. The mind can thus blossom without constraint, leaving room for creativity, intuition and concentration. It is an invitation to commune with oneself, a solitary and experimental journey through consciousness, somewhere between two paths.”

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