After starting her career as an artistic direction in an advertising agency in Montreal, Mélodie has been a professional photographer for two years. Recently settled in Paris, she juggles different photographic mediums to deliver the best image quality according to the brands’ DNA. Being very intrigued by the human body, she tries to capture it in an abstract and poetic way, trying to give it a new sense of reading. Playing with the visual composition and structure of clothes is what naturally led her to fashion photography. Today, she is committed to responsible fashion and is personally involved in an upcycling approach, and wishes to support emerging fashion brands that respect the environment. On the other hand, she uses photography to deal with social and environmental issues, which gives her work a very rich and diverse dimension.

Ido Lem made her mark in several fields such as painting, sculpture and photography at visual arts school in Montreal. Her artistic approach consists of exploring the human body, particularly the female body, in its forms and movements. Inspired by the history of art and ancient Greece, her paintings feature elaborate draperies and highly structural pauses. Between dreams and reality, she mixes oriental landscapes and geometrical spaces to accompany us in a colourful and solar world. Based at Cinq Toits in the 16th arrondissement, she is currently preparing an exhibition on a very specific subject, mixing photography and painting. Discover her work on @ido.lem ! 

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