Isabel Mohr is a singer and songwriter who embodies a blend of Italian and German heritage. Born and raised in Verona, Italy, by her Italian mother and German father, she carries the essence of both cultures within her music.

Growing up, Isabel discovered her passion for music, nurturing her talents as a self-taught singer and guitarist. Despite her inherent shyness, a deep love for music fueled her determination to explore her creative potential. She began writing her own songs, blending elements of Italian music with contemporary pop and R&B influences. Her lyrics often explore themes of love, vulnerability, and self-discovery, drawing from personal experiences and emotions.

In 2020, she moved to Barcelona to complete her business studies while continuing to pursue her music career. A turning point came when she encountered DJ Worry, whom she describes as a brother-like figure. DJ Worry became her mentor and guide, introducing her to the vibrant music scene and encouraging her to share her unique sound with the world. This pivotal connection pushed Isabel to step out of her comfort zone and embrace her musical journey. As she settled into her new life in Barcelona, Isabel found herself immersed in a world of creativity and passion. She spent countless hours cultivating her craft, experimenting with different sounds and styles, and collaborating with other musicians. Since then, Isabel has released four tracks, three of which are featured in her EP titled “The Chapter”, among which “Ghosted” marks the beginning of her musical career. Today, Isabel’s passion continues to blossom as she eagerly explores new horizons within the music industry.

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