Seasonal Homegrown Poems

Seasonal Homegrown Poetry Illus
Seasonal Homegrown Poetry Illus
Seasonal Homegrown Poetry Illus
Seasonal Homegrown Poetry Illus
Seasonal homegrown poetry

A selection of personal and universal thoughts of yesterday, today and tomorrow,
living in isolation with your (friendly) soulmates.


it is time to settle

although I do not begin to do so


I am begging to exile my body to the South,

the rain cannot come yet.
the leaves begin to crunch under my feet.
I think maybe, if I focus on the feeling of the leaves,
I will be grounded once more.

I feel crumble underneath me,
the taste of change and freshness on my tongue,
the days get shorter and the nights get longer,
I remember what winter is like.

a cold winter,
an isolation,
a deadly combination.

my body feels greater
where blue skies reign,
green leaves persist
and where sea waves crash

I dreamt of cozy mugs, fireplaces.
today that is (my reality)
             our reality.

when I share
cheap cold beers with you,
they flood my brain,
spark my creativity.

but you know,
I prefer my coffee,
warm and fancy,
a cocoa flavoured,
introspective activity.

these are the “small things”,
that satiate me most.

Seasonal Homegrown Poetry Illus

your thoughts captivate me
and your love fills me.
my hands write.

I naturally spell out your names.
I spell out our friendship.
I spell out our love.

I am happy to witness you rise out of bed in the mornings,
I love you for the way you crave the taste of orange juice,
for the way you pick up a paint brush,
and turn your thoughts into illustrations.


and so I also love you,
when you pose
for the camera,
or the mirror,
your infinite angles capture
too much of one woman.

we crave the nostalgia
of our childhoods,
just as much as the future
of our womanhoods.

my mouth tastes like dark chocolate tonight, I taste a throwback,
that’s why I said I wouldn’t brush my teeth.

and then comes two in the morning,
there’s a break for a philosophical page turn.

people’s beauty lies
and so we grow into the notion that,
                          are more than skin.

you are Home,
and I promise to love (you) us,
in all our beautiful phases of life,


(no punctuation here
because this story continues)


Seasonal Homegrown Poetry Illus
Seasonal Homegrown Poetry Illus
Created by potrace 1.16, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2019
Picture of Zoé Roth-Ogier
Zoé Roth-Ogier

Zoé is a young franco-german writter who grew up in Latin America. The topic of home and friendships have continuously inspired her writing. She is grateful for Montreal’s art scene and to its people for their warmth. @easyzoro

Contributing Author
Picture of Maëlle Vigouroux
Maëlle Vigouroux

Maëlle is a French artist from Bordeaux. She moved to Montreal in 2017 for her studies and that’s where she discovered her painting style, a very colourful and geometrical one that is inspired by women, in all their forms.

Contributing Illustrator

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