Kumo Expo 2024

One cloud, floating in the midst of many, bringing new winds, changing tides

The Kumo Expo combines music, art, fashion and design to provide a unique artistic experience to showcase the best talents in Paris. The art fair will exhibit different creators through diverse mediums such as DJ sets, live performances, pop-ups and more to create a platform for artists and audiences to connect on.

As one of our most successful events to date, we aim to continuously evolve and expand upon this concept, surpassing the achievements of the previous year. While maintaining the esteemed EST Gallery as our primary venue, this upcoming project marks one of our inaugural ventures for the year, potentially setting the tone for the entire team in the upcoming season. We aspire to elevate the event, making it not only bigger but also better than ever before.

Friday evening, 19 April, is a vernissage reserved for professionals. An opening for the media, critics and journalists to meet the artists. On the 20th, the official event.


EST Galerie

76 Rue Saint-Maur, 75011 Paris, France

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