"One cloud, floating in the midst of many, bringing new winds, changing tides"

The KUMO Collective opens its doors to the world. From the sky’s of Tokyo to the Seine of Paris, the collective takes its first steps in the performing arts, joining emerging talents from across the globe.

For our first ever event, join us at Le Mazette in Paris, to fully experience the reopening of the arts and culture. We have so much in store for you and we can’t wait to spend an unforgettable night all together. 

FLOAT will embrace the essence of KUMO, which means “cloud” in Japanese. The goal has always been to display artists from around the world whilst creating a melting pot for future generations. Inspiring and enjoying nights with those we love, is what drives us. We hope you will be able to be a part of this journey.


Le Mazette

69 Port de la Rapée, 75012 Paris

the Kumo Community

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