Emma is an A&R and PR for Kumo Records. She aspires to become a visionary for the artistic collective. The London-based French student grew up with a thirst for discovery through her numerous journeys around the world which sparked her interest in taking part in always-newer cultural manifestations. Being a pianist and a singer, she has always led her life by investing herself in the creative arts. By studying digital humanities and music, she gained a  critical look at the music industry and she explored the impact new technologies have on the way music is produced and consumed. Graduate from two Music business graduate programs from BIMM Institute and Berklee College of Music she has been guided and prepared by music industry professionals to lead today’s global music industry as visionaries, executives, and entrepreneurs.By taking part in cultural experiences abroad as well, she exposed herself to a multitude of musical styles, from which she built an ear eager to discover unique unexplored sounds. Her passion for music has led her to develop a thirst for discovery of the music world as a whole, from an artistic angle as well as from a more commercial one. She believes by merging both her professional academic skills with her passion, she will be able to open new paths for KUMO’s future. She foresees unlimited creative possibilities for emerging artists who are willing to throw themselves into their passion and she is determine to drive KUMO and its artists to the best of themselves.  “There is talent everywhere, but few have the power to make it thrive. KUMO is the powerhouse for those talents”

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