Release of Deza's New EP "Nomad"

A message from the artist:

“Since the summer, I have been tapping into my emotions and how I’m really feeling.
A lot of things both good and bad have happened in these past 2 or so years.
The way I was raised, you gotta ignore all the bad shit and just keep moving day by day. Whether you get caught lacking somewhere or a loved one gets passes away naturally or not… You never talk about it and time always moves on. That used to always annoy me about mourning. Shit keeps going.
I would never say through my core that’s who I am but I have witnessed things that made me move the way I did in the past and even now still.
But as I was working on a more personal project, feelings I didn’t know I had started to come out and, in some way I feel as though I started the process of grief, acceptance, not begrudging time for continuing to move at it’s own pace, etc.
That’s what this EP is for me. Truth be told, maybe a lot of people won’t understand it. But I know some people will, and will connect with where I’m coming from.
I needed to work through these emotions to truly move on and carry on tradition. With that being said, I can’t wait for you guys to listen.
Maybe you can find a part of yourself in my feelings, as we are all human and share the collective feeling of continuing on despite the odds.


Deza’s latest EP is available on all streaming platforms.



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